Essential Tips for Optimising Business Listings on Google Maps

26 May 2020
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Gone are the days when clients had to flip through hundreds of pages on a phonebook to get the contacts and location of a business. Today, almost every business is moving its marketing initiatives online, especially if you consider the fact that the average consumer has access to the internet. Not only does listing your business location increase online visibility, but it also enhances customer loyalty due to the convenience accorded.

You may wonder how you can optimise your Google Maps listing after adding your business. This article highlights tips in this regard.

1. Choose a Relevant Category

Customers are becoming specific with their online searches. Therefore, the more specific you are in selecting a category for your business, the higher the chances of appearing among the top searches in local listings. For instance, if you sell Italian food, don't choose the restaurant category because it is too general. Instead, narrow it down to Italian seafood store if you sell Italian seafood. Being specific by selecting a relevant category ensures your business appears in the search results of your target market. It is especially the case if there are many similar businesses in your city.

2. Use High-Resolution Pictures

Humans are visual beings, and your listing will significantly improve if you upload images. However, smudged or unclear photos are as good as no images at all, and they indicate unprofessionalism. Quality, high-resolution photos are both attractive and engaging, which helps to drive traffic to your site. Additionally, customers are more likely to spend more time on your page, thereby improving engagement. Notably, a high-resolution image of your store increases the chances of a customer visiting the outlet and rating it based on service provision. The best way to approach this is to hire a Google-approved photographer to create a 360-degree view of your store. Most importantly, a business with a virtual tour and quality images attract more attention from online customers.

3. Standardise Information

Algorithms in listings work by verifying all the information you provide across online platforms. Therefore, your business' listing on different websites will be affected negatively if your data is inconsistent. For example, if your list your business location as Sheikh Zayed Road on Google maps, but use Sheikh Zayed Rd on your website, then the road section will be inconsistent. Therefore, standardise your information so that your website is listed in the most relevant directories. Besides, consistency of business information enhances your SEO.

You can learn more by contacting companies that can help you improve your Google My Business listing.